Mercury Aviation Israel is an independent fueling company that provides high quality, on time into-plane refueling services.  We also provide on demand de-fueling service .

We refuel all types of aircrafts with jet A1 fuel.

All our equipment is regularly inspected in accordance with JIG standards. All of the equipment in our refueling vehicles is maintained, replaced and routinely checked and kept in aviation safety stardards.

-         On location fueling service

-         Dependable, trained workers

-         A quality organization with an ISO 9001 certification

-         Quality materials, equipment and maintenance.

-         U.S. government and DLA approved



During the re-fueling process we perform water detection checks with SHELL WATER DETECTOR capsules, in addition to daily fuel clarity checks.

Millipore samples are taken regularly from all our vehicles and sent to an independent laboratory,

The filters and fuel system is regularly monitored and samples sent to the Israeli Energy Institute for contaminant inspection

Compact and built with attention to detail, our Dispenser Carts have developed to provide simple and fast service to narrow body and low air crafts.

HYDRANT DISPENSER refueling a large/wide body aircraft with high wings using a hydraulic lift. Max refueling rate at 3850 LPM (depending on air craft type and available pressure). Our platform is able to refuel all jet types, small body, wide or high body.



WE PROVIDE HIGHLY TRAINED AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK We provide highly trained and professional service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, bringing you jet fuel on time

Versatile and efficient, our aircraft refuelers are capable of providing service all around the airport and to all types of aircrafts using JET-A1 fuel.

23,000 liter, 300 gpm, AIRCRAFT REFUELER refueling a small private jet. The truck is also capable of over wing refueling using a nozzle.